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  • Bridal Bouquet (Second Gift to Fly bride),
  • 2 Candles Adorned with Flowers or 2 Flower and Candle Constructions on Adorned Bases instead of Candle,
  • Car Decoration a Composition or a flower garland in front of the bonnet and 2 bouquets in the mirrors.
  • Decoration in The Columns of the Church with 4 bouquets of your choice joined by fabrics (gauze, organines) and ribbons or laces,
  • Decoration of the bombstone table with lanterns, balls decorated with flowers. In addition, bowls with bezels, rice and marshmallows are provided. A tent is also available.
  • Decoration of the gospel table with fabric decorated with a bouquet of flowers.
  • The Exterior decoration of the Church with fabrics, glasses, lanterns, wooden balls and other decorative items Decorated with Flowers.

The price of 650€ has been calculated using Seasonal Flowers.


CONTACT NUMBERS: 2310918656, 6948214861