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KALAMONTIN a wonderful plant that can be found at Konstantinos Flower Shop. We carry out same-day plant shipments throughout Thessaloniki. TheKALAMONTIN (fortunella margarita) is an evergreen tree. Its leaves are dark green, logoid and glossy, its flowers resemble those of orange trees and are small, jagged and grow on their own or in small inflorescities. Its fruit is round or oval depending on the species and has a diameter of up to 4 cm. Its color is orange or orange yellow and the peel of the fruit is aromatic and has a sweet taste. The flesh of the fruit is not particularly juicy and its taste is a little acidic and sweet. It is highly resistant to cold and lasts longer than all citrus fruits. It blooms in mid-summer and has almost continuous fruiting. Its fruit is used in pastry, it becomes sweet of spoon and wonderful liqueur.