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Decorative Olive! The Health Tree!


Decorative Olive 1.30 Meters Height wrapped in nice luxury fabric. Buy now online at a prime price.




Decorative Olive! The Health Tree!


In general, olives are not demanding trees. Proper care depends to a large extent on whether you have planted your olive in the garden or in a pot. If you live in cold areas it would be preferable to plant your olive in a pot that you can move so that it is always protected from frost. Especially young trees that can’t stand the cold will greatly appreciate this choice.
In summer you can place your olive under the sun. He’s really fond of him. Even in warm areas, the olive tree does not need frequent watering. Most of the time the rainwater is enough, as the roots of the tree reach very deep and find water. If your plant however, it starts to lose leaves, it probably needs more water. This is usually observed in olives found in pots. In this case, you may need to water your olive daily during the summer. In any case, however, you should avoid excessive concentration of water, otherwise the roots may start to rot.