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Double Orchids in Ceramic



Same day the shipment of orchid plants to hospitals and clinics of Thessaloniki. Such as genesis, inter-Balkan, Agios Loukas, Euromedica and hospitals Hippocrates, Papageorgiou, Ahepa.

The phallic psi orchid is an indoor plant that needs light and moisture to thrive. If the plant finds the right place inside the house it can retain the flowers from one to three months.
The pot is available in a white case but is available depending on availability.

Once a week watering is sufficient for at least most orchids. Some varieties want more frequent watering especially during the flowering season. However, in all varieties, allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. The ideal temperature for most species is between 15-27°C during the day and between 11-15°C at night. The differentiation of temperature between day and night, i.e. lower temperature at night, is the factor that enhances the flowering of plants. Do not expose orchids to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, and do not put them in contact with the glass because you may control the internal temperature but contact with the glass essentially conveys to your plants the temperature outside your home.